Roof Repairs in Huddersfield

A roof is one of the most important aspects of your home,  but it is often forgotten about.  It is vital to carry our small roof repairs in Huddersfield as soon as possible.  Rain can very quickly seep into the structure of the roof and the underlying wooden structure can rot.  What would have been a minor roof repair can quickly turn into an expensive,  major repair of your roof.

Roof Repairs in HuddersfieldDamp patches appearing on upstairs ceilings is usually late indication that  you have a problem on your roof.  By this time water may well have caused damage.  However, don't automatically assume that the roof problem lies above the damp patch.  Water can often run along joists and beams appearing in places you never expect.

High winds and storms put huge strains on your roof and it is important to spot damage as soon as possible.   It is important that you inspect your roof for damaged or slipped tiles / slates.

At A l Farrar we will help you with all your roofing needs in Huddersfield.

We cover many types of roof repairs but some of the most common  include:

  • slate/tile replacement,
  • guttering,
  • chimney repairs/ removal,
  • lead flashings,
  • valleys,
  • box gutters,
  • back gutters,
  • ridge re-pointing,
  • skylight flashings,
  • flat roof repairs,
  • skylights.

Inspections and Cleaning


We often undertake inspections for estate agents and insurance companies.  if you would like a quote or discuss how we can provide you with a cost effective roofing service, please contact us.